2 Kings 19, Habakkuk 2, John 11

Read 2 Kings 19, Habakkuk 2, and John 11.

This devotional is about Habakkuk 2.

We have read so many prophesies about the judgment and destruction the Lord promises to visit on Israel and all the nations of the world that forsake him. The purpose of this destruction is justice–to punish all those who have defied the Lord and who are disobedient to him.

But as important as God’s justice is, there is a greater reason for the coming judgment. After talking about the ultimate futility of all the hard work people do for the kingdoms of this world that will be destroyed, verse 14 said, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Think of how deep the chasms in our oceans are and how vast the oceans are in width. Yet the waters cover those chasms completely.

That is the image the Lord chose for how the knowledge of him will some day fill the earth completely. The destruction of earthly kingdoms and the punishment of all unredeemed sinners not only satisfies God’s justice, it removes all the barriers to the full Christianization of the earth. God judges the nations to make room for his kingdom where everyone will know him, the only true God. The only way to experience this amazing promise is described in verse 4, “…the righteous person will live by his faithfulness.” The New Testament quotes this passage again and again to urge us to put our faith in God for righteousness not in our own good works. God is the source of spiritual life and, at the time he has appointed, he will establish his kingdom on earth fill the earth with his knowledge.